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One of my hobbies is to surf the web in search of helpful (mainly educational) websites. Since this is a kind of weird hobby…I never really shared my collection with people, but I realize that a lot of people wish they had links like these. So…here is my list! These are the educational ones. I have another page with clothes/fashion stores online that feature modest clothing.

Enjoy my list and comment with any suggestions!

Evernote extensions/apps/add-ons

Apple Educational apps

Shmoop (kind of like Sparknotes or Cliffnotes)

National Merit Scholarship Corporation



Mnemonic Maker!






Historical Google Earth

The History Place

Jump back In Time

The American Memory

20th Century best speeches


Khan Academy


Research Sites

New York Times Article Archive –

Google Scholar The U.S. Government’s Official Web Portal The World’s Largest Library Catalog

Library of Congress

Academic Search Premier, EBSCO Publishing

Digital History

Internet History Sourcebooks

Census Bureau Homepage

EasyBib: Free Bibliography Maker – MLA, APA, Chicago citation styles




15 thoughts on “Geek Central

      • Sort of. I am in Classical Conversations (or was…it’s over for the year now haha!) and they had a debate strand. We used NCFCA model and scoring methods etc., but our tournament was more loosey-goosey and not “certified” as NCFCA. Which league are you in?

      • That’s neat! It’s nice how you can still learn the skills and have fun but you don’t have to be as official about it. I am in STOA. And No, I didn’t make NITOC (nationals). 🙂

      • Yes, I liked it a lot. I miss it, actually 😦 Haha, well I’m sure you did great anyway! I have several friends who have made it in the past…I honestly don’t know how they did it!

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