Classical Education and Wisdom

“Wisdom is all a matter of viewing the world God’s way, with God’s revelation providing the necessary framework which alone makes sense of life, giving it some sort of coherence and direction. This is sometimes called a worldview, a kind of moral map with the main points located so we can steer our way through life to maximum benefit. Accordingly, whatever it is that is to be studied, whether science, history, or home economics, all of these things can be placed within a Christian framework, in terms of the Creator-Redeeming God, and where they can be made sense of.” ~Melvin Tinker

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I love classical education. 

Every subject relates to each other, and every subject comes from God. It is a wonderful testimony of God’s ingenuity, purpose, and logic. Why wouldn’t I love to learn the way that God created-intertwined and with Him at the center! 


The important benefits of being homeschooled and driving

Why I like homeschooling…

  • Wearing pajamas at least until noon
  • Doing school on the couch
  • Having pandora play film scores ALL DAY
  • No blabbering teachers all day wagging their finger at you for having your foot in the aisle
  • Snacks, like, all the time
  • Breaks when needed, not when a school bell indicates
  • Good lunches without canned green beans and grey mashed potatoes (Eew)
  • And lastly….having your wonderful family surround you (unless of course…you don’t like your which case I would recommend homeschooling right away so you can fix that in a timely manner)

Life is good.

Also…I started driving this week (scary thought, I know) and it really just hit me that I am not completely independent. There are things I still need, and as much as I would like to be independent, I am sadly inadequate to be so. It’s a beautiful picture to see my dad guiding me as I drive my first miles. A picture that symbolizes the guidance my almighty Father gives me on the miles of life. Just as I become flustered behind the wheel (my immediate reaction is to gas it), I often just push through stress, hoping it will just turn out all right, but in the meantime missing some major details that should not be looked over.

Just some ponderings over daily happenings. Have a great week, y’all.