The Heart

“The heart in the scripture is variously used; sometimes for the mind and understanding, sometimes for the will, sometimes for the affections, sometimes for the conscience, sometimes for the whole soul. Generally, it denotes the whole soul of man and all the faculties of it, not absolutely, but as they are all one principle of moral operations, as they concur in our doing good or evil…the seat and subject of the law of sin is the heart of man.” ~John Owen
Our actions reveal that which is in the heart. If we have evil in our hearts, how do we expect to be close to God and to follow his Word? 


“A broken, leaping heart will love like Jesus. And the power of the love will be proportionate to the felt fearfulness of our nearness to destruction. The keener the memory of our awful rescue, the more naturally we pity those in a similar plight. The more deeply we feel how undeserved and free was the grace that plucked us from the flames, the freer will be our benevolence to sinners. We do not love as passionately as we ought because our belief in these things is not real. So our pride is not broken and our demeanor not lowly. And we do not look with aching and longing on the crowds that pass us in the airport or the straying of members of our flock.” ~John Piper

My pastor has said before that “when you fall on the Rock, it’s going to hurt.” (And no, he did not mean Dwayne Johnson) I think I often avoid fully believing and passionately loving my Freer because I know it does hurt when you fall back on the Rock. By relying on him, I completely die to myself, break myself, and give up wholly to Him. 

A major problem with Christians these days is the hypocrisy in every one of us. We say we wholeheartedly believe in Christ’s sacrifice, but we remain comfortably sitting on the fence between completely relying on Him and relying on our own strength. It does not hurt us to see people walking around without reliance on God, because really, we are not so far removed from them. If we would just give it all to Jesus, it would pain us to see others living without the freedom of Christ. And isn’t that the whole idea of evangelism? We so hate to see people without our Lord that we cannot help but share the good news, and every aspect of our lives shine the light of the Lamb who sacrificed Himself for us-and for everyone who has lived, lives now, and who will live. Doesn’t that just fill you with excitement and passion for sharing Christ with others? 

Freedom is Found

“He that is kind is free, though he is a slave; he that is evil is a slave, though he be a king.” ~Saint Augustine

This two weeks I spent a good deal of time reading Paradise Lost by John Milton. It is truly a wonderfully insightful book that made me look at the common Bible-story of Creation and the Fall. One thing that really struck me was the way Milton described Satan’s symbolic chains that bound him. His chains were his evil and his own helplessness to do any good without the Good. Inversely, Paul in the Bible, though in chains, was spiritually free because of his faith in God and his kindness toward men. 

I want you all to know that no matter what goes on in life, you are never a slave to chains. If you abide in God, He will abide in you, and you will know the truth, and that truth will set you free. (paraphrase of John 8:31) 

You might not be aware of this, but this week is National Suicide Prevention week. Normally, I’m not all into the “awareness” holidays and so forth. But suicide prevention is important to me because it has been very personal to me in the past. I have had suicidal friends, known people who have attempted suicide, and I’ve even struggled with it myself. I’m not trying to host a pity party here, but God has shown grace to me and allowed me to learn from those painful-at-times experiences. I’ve learned that nothing, not medication, not counseling, and not friendships, can fill the hollow hole that all have in their hearts until they fill it with Christ Jesus. No one is truly free from addiction, depression, suicidal ordeals, or crime histories without the Lord Jesus Christ vouching for them with God the Father.

Freedom is found through him who freed himself from death itself. 


“The supreme test of goodness is not in the greater but in the smaller incidents of our character and practice; not what we are when we are standing in the searchlight of public scrutiny, but when we reach the firelight flicker of our homes; not what we are when some clarion-call rings through the air, summoning us to fight for life and liberty, but our attitude when we are called to sentry-duty in the gray morning, when the watch-fire is burning low. It is impossible to be our best at the supreme moment if character is corroded and eaten into by dail inconsistency, unfaithfulness, and besetting sin.” ~F.B Meyer

A good rule of thumb: If you wouldn’t want somebody you were trying to witness to see what you’re doing or hear what you’re saying, is it truly worth doing or saying? It’s food for thought. 

I’ve done many drama/theater productions over the years, and one thing I’ve always remembered is this, “When you’re on stage, somebody in the audience is looking at you. There is always somebody watching you,” as a reminder not to fall out of character. That statement rings true in real life too. There will always be someone watching you, either following your example, or watching for glimpses of the Savior they so desperately need. I hope that I live in a way that is showing the world my Savior. Even when I don’t think anyone’s watching, I want to develop good character habits so that when the pressure is on, I fall back on good habits and not bad ones. I don’t understand how Christians who talk about being “salt and light” in our world fail to realize that they need to start at home, with their normal, daily lives, and develop habits that will truly be salt and light. 


“Our culture has declared war on guilt. The very concept is considered medieval, obsolete, unproductive. People who trouble themselves with feelings of personal guilt are usually referred to therapists, whose task it is to boost their self-image. No one, after all, is supposed to feel guilty. Guilt is not conducive to dignity and self-esteem. Society encourages sin, but it will not tolerate the guilt sin produces. But the answer to dealing with guilt is not to ignore it-that’s the most dangerous thing you can do. Instead, you need to understand that God graciously implanted a powerful ally within you to aid you in the battle against sin. He gave you your conscience, and that gift is the key to bringing you joy and freedom.” ~John MacArthur

This explains everything. Why do celebrities perform such scandals? Why does the president make poor decisions without confessing his mistakes? Because they can, and they can without feeling guilty, because society has driven out every trace of a conscience in their minds. 


Classical Education and Wisdom

“Wisdom is all a matter of viewing the world God’s way, with God’s revelation providing the necessary framework which alone makes sense of life, giving it some sort of coherence and direction. This is sometimes called a worldview, a kind of moral map with the main points located so we can steer our way through life to maximum benefit. Accordingly, whatever it is that is to be studied, whether science, history, or home economics, all of these things can be placed within a Christian framework, in terms of the Creator-Redeeming God, and where they can be made sense of.” ~Melvin Tinker

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I love classical education. 

Every subject relates to each other, and every subject comes from God. It is a wonderful testimony of God’s ingenuity, purpose, and logic. Why wouldn’t I love to learn the way that God created-intertwined and with Him at the center! 


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