Exciting things have been going on here at Dance to Life! 

Thank you for everyone who has recently followed the blog, and many thanks to those of you who have endured from the beginning.

First update!

I just wanted to remind you all what pages I have here. On the menu bar above, you can find my Hello! page, the Plights of a Princess page, the Geek Central page, the Princess Modesty page, and the latest Quote-a-day page.

The Plights of a Princess page is all the posts I’ve written about problems we modern-day princesses of the King of Kings face.

The Geek Central page has links helpful for studying, learning, or being a geek.

The Princess Modesty page has a whole extensive list of trendy, modest clothing store links you can find online.

And the quote-a-day page is all the posts I’ve written about inspirational quotes and what they mean to me.


Second update!

If you’ve already visited the Princess Modesty page in the past, you might want to revisit! I’ve added a couple more links that you might find helpful! (They’re some of my favorites so far!)


Third update!

When I first started blogging back in April, thinking of a name was the hardest part. I finally came up with Dance to Life, because of my love for dance and my love of life as a reborn Christian! Only recently did I realize I subconsciously came up with that name from the name of a perfume I have, also called Dance to Life. Not really an update, but an interesting factoid I suppose.


Fourth update!

I’m looking for a guest writer who would be willing to write on this topic: “What being salt and light in this world means to me” (That does not necessarily have to be the title, in fact, in probably shouldn’t. That would be a pretty lame title, in my humble opinion. Let me know if you’re interested. My only requirements are that it be a post to glorify God, and that it cite the Bible.

That is all, fellow dancers to life! I hope you had a wonderful weekend,



God will Guide my Feet

This afternoon I was dancing around the living room, and was preparing to do a grande allegro jump (BIG jump) when I stumbled and rolled my foot completely outwards and slightly backwards. The pain shot up my leg and two large cracks resounded throughout the room. I cried out, unable to move and very near passing out. (I have a bad habit of that…You hurt me, I’ll scare you to death by going dead white and passing out. You’ve been warned.) I crawled on the couch, sobbing, as I thought of the possibilities a broken foot-or worse, an ankle- would mean to me as a ballerina. I sat there for probably 10 minutes, contemplating. My reaction went from sobbing to a peaceful countenance, and I even managed to look at my poor swollen foot. God blessed me with a peace that surpassed my understanding. (Really, I’m a wimp when it comes to injuries and other pains. If something hurts, I freak out.) I called my mom, who hurried home and took me to the ER. Thankfully, I was admitted immediately and several nurses were there to examine and give me some medicine to ease the pain. I had a large bump on the side of my foot, further down than the ankle. Pain was everywhere. Thankfully, ankle injury was eliminated as a possibility, and the biggest concern was a bone out of place, which was also ruled out by x-rays. The x-rays revealed that I had a small chip out of one of the bones at the top of my foot, and I probably bruised a large vein that runs up the side of the foot. (I couldn’t believe I had so much pain for that little thing!) All in all, I am perfectly okay and no need for anything but rest.

As I get off my feet for several weeks and allow my foot to heal, I will have a lot of dependence on the people around me. I hate being dependent. I always want to be independent of any help from anyone. Sometimes, I even avoid dependence on God. However painful this experience has and will be, I’m certain God had a lesson in mind for me: dependence on Him. I need to learn that there’s a reason people are in my life: they are there to help and guide me, not to burden me, and I’m not in their lives to be a burden to them. But most of all, I need to learn that my strength is not adequate. My strength is not adequate. 

This verse really hit it home for me:

When I said, “My foot is slipping,” your love, O Lord, supported me. When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul. ~Psalm 94:18-19 

How awesome is that verse? It just happened to pop up on my Pinterest feed and my jaw fell to the floor. God works in such awesome ways to remind us that He’s there for us, and I only hope I pay close enough attention to see all the gems He lays out for me.

God bless!