Never Forget; Always Forgive


Lately there has been a lot of disheartening press here in the US. Well, there’s always bad press, but right now especially it seems to be especially prevalent.

First, there was the Miley Cyrus scandal at the VMA’s. I’ve heard of many people who were so completely outraged, that they have forgotten that Miley, more than anyone I know, desperately needs prayer. I feel so sorry for her. She has grown up not knowing the LORD whom I have been so blessed to have known since a very young age. I know what Miley did was wrong, inappropriate, and utterly disgusting, but so is every little sin I do on a daily basis. She is no worse than me. But I do have something that she does not: a realization that I am nothing without God. She seems to think she’s nothing without twerking. I can’t imagine how empty that must feel.

Second, there’s this awful Syria situation. I do have my own opinions on what we should do in Syria, and what the President should have said last night, but I think so many people forget that whatever our political convictions, whether we disagree or agree with our current President, he is our President and someone who needs so much prayer and support. I cannot even imagine the amount of pressure he feels throughout this situation. As long as he is President, I should pray and support him, even if I don’t necessarily agree.

Third, it’s Patriot Day. It’s 9-11. It’s the day the World Trade Center went down. I do not remember exactly what was going on. There is so much hate that can be harbored today. Many people know others who were affected, or even killed in the terrorist attack. There can be hate against former President Bush for not being able to stop the attack, hate against the TSA for not doing a better job protecting the airplanes, and hate against Muslims for what they did to our country. No, we will never forget that day. But can we forgive?

As Christians, I believe it is of utmost importance to pray for our leaders, celebrities, and especially for our enemies. If we cannot forgive, how are we any better than those who rammed those airplanes into the Twin Towers?

In every bad situation that our country gets into, and we all know we will encounter more situations, I think we need to never forget, because there are lessons to be learned from our mistakes, but always forgive, because who are we to throw the first stone?

Pray on,



3 thoughts on “Never Forget; Always Forgive

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  2. I agree, these times are crazy and all we can really do is pray, forgive and trust God. We’ve got to continue believing that what He says is the truth no matter what the world says.

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