“A broken, leaping heart will love like Jesus. And the power of the love will be proportionate to the felt fearfulness of our nearness to destruction. The keener the memory of our awful rescue, the more naturally we pity those in a similar plight. The more deeply we feel how undeserved and free was the grace that plucked us from the flames, the freer will be our benevolence to sinners. We do not love as passionately as we ought because our belief in these things is not real. So our pride is not broken and our demeanor not lowly. And we do not look with aching and longing on the crowds that pass us in the airport or the straying of members of our flock.” ~John Piper

My pastor has said before that “when you fall on the Rock, it’s going to hurt.” (And no, he did not mean Dwayne Johnson) I think I often avoid fully believing and passionately loving my Freer because I know it does hurt when you fall back on the Rock. By relying on him, I completely die to myself, break myself, and give up wholly to Him. 

A major problem with Christians these days is the hypocrisy in every one of us. We say we wholeheartedly believe in Christ’s sacrifice, but we remain comfortably sitting on the fence between completely relying on Him and relying on our own strength. It does not hurt us to see people walking around without reliance on God, because really, we are not so far removed from them. If we would just give it all to Jesus, it would pain us to see others living without the freedom of Christ. And isn’t that the whole idea of evangelism? We so hate to see people without our Lord that we cannot help but share the good news, and every aspect of our lives shine the light of the Lamb who sacrificed Himself for us-and for everyone who has lived, lives now, and who will live. Doesn’t that just fill you with excitement and passion for sharing Christ with others? 


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