Is our Labor in Vain?

It’s Labor Day weekend, everyone! The official close of summer is here. (Rest in peace, dear summer 2013.) But is that all that constitutes Labor Day? Or is there more to it?

Sure, there’s football, a nice day off from work and school for most people, and lots of neighborhood get-togethers. But Labor day was founded in 1882 with an eye towards labor unions. It is said to be founded by Peter McGuire, cofounder of the American Federation of Labor, in order to celebrate American workers. (US Dept. of Labor, 2013)

I find the whole thing ironic. First of all, giving people a chance to sit on their butts and do absolutely nothing is an ironic way to celebrate the American workforce. Secondly, labor unions today are basically synonymous with loss of liberty, a very un-American concept. Labor unions back in the 1880s weren’t much better either. It has always been about class division, bureaucracy and of course, loss of freedoms.

The thing that strikes me as most ironic, however, is the current lack of an American workforce. The employment rate is plummeting, but we Americans just have to stop and give ourselves a holiday to do more couch-potating.

Yes, I can blabber a lot about irony and America’s issues, but the underlying problem is this: God created us to work, and he gave us a holiday EVERY WEEK. It’s called the day of rest, and it occurs every Saturday or Sunday. By creating a Labor Day, what we’re really saying is ‘We need more holidays than what God designed.’ Or, our workforce is so whacked out that most people have to work 7 days a week, and they actually need a Labor Day to get them a day off. Sad state of affairs we have here.


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