Why I’ve decided not to join the military

So…I’ve grown up as a military brat. And, admittedly, I have liked being a military brat. There are hardships that most people probably don’t have to endure, but then again, there are hardships I’ve been blessed enough to avoid. I know a pretty good amount about military stuff, of course taking into consideration the fact that I am a girl and the fact that military logistics doesn’t fascinate me like they do some. I can’t tell you what my dad does in the military (I honestly don’t know) but I can tell you ranks, some planes, some military history, even some jobs.

So, why wouldn’t I want to join the military? As far as I’m concerned, I think I’ve got a pretty good headstart on everyone else who wants to join.

I’ll admit, I did consider joining when I was younger. I was probably about twelve and I had made up my mind that all males were absolutely disgusting and that I would never, ever, ever get married. So, in order to continue the lifestyle of a military brat that I had previously carried on (ever since I was born with my birth-abroad certificate), I concluded that I must join the service. Plus, I had convinced myself that I could find some active-duty job that I would like. Haha, as if an active duty person could just pick the job they wanted. Ah…childhood dreams.

So, what changed my mind? I suppose a mixture of things changed my mind. First, I decided that maybe I could get married someday, after all, men don’t all act like immature 13 year olds. (I’m bashing your gender here a little bit, males. Don’t worry, I’ll give you an ego boost later on). I also realized that joining the military wasn’t the only way to continue my “moving-around-all-the-time-and-not-knowing-what’s-next” legacy. There are plenty of jobs that have the unpredictable schedules and constant transfers. But the biggest thing that changed my mind was a realization that maybe women aren’t meant to serve in the military.

Before you get all political-correct-nazi-ish on me, let me explain.

Many, many men come home from war with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). My thought is this: if men have such an issue with going to war, how in the world do women endure it? For me, at least, women are so much more emotional and are supposed to be more loving and gentle. This is by no means scientific, and none that I’m saying is, but I hope I can give you some thoughts to chew on. In addition to PTSD issues, there is the problem of male-roles vs. female-roles. I’m not going to say a woman’s place in the kitchen or any of that nonsense, but I am going to say this. It is the men’s job to protect and guide the women towards Christ. There’s a reason that men are stronger, bigger, prouder and just generally more tough. (There’s the ego-boost, guys.) It is the women’s job to love, nurture, and encourage personal relationships with other believers and with Christ. How is a woman to love on a battlefield? How is a man to protect other active duty women on the battlefield?

I’m not saying that any of what I’ve said above is a blanket statement for all. I understand that God can-and does- use military women to impact the world for Christ and to serve others. I will not limit what God can do. And I most certainly do not judge any woman for serving in the military. I have the utmost respect for them, probably more than I do for active duty men. However, I do ask that you pray for your own convictions in this matter. Please don’t judge anyone for their decision, whether it be yay or nay. But do consider that God has a plan for everyone and he has laid out specific roles for men and women to play.

On kind of a sidenote, I’ll explain why I even wrote this post.

Last year, in the first semester, I did pretty extensive research on matters involving the military draft. It’s really an interesting topic. To see what people are trying to pass-legislative-wise- I looked into a website that has tons and tons of bills that have been written. I don’t know which are legit, and I honestly didn’t spend much time there. I was just trying to get a feel for what people wanted to get passed. One bill stated that women should be required to sign up for the draft, just like men, when they turn eighteen. That kind of got the ball rolling on this whole thought process. Questions came to my mind: Should women be required to sign up for the draft? Should women ever be drafted? And so on.

Thanks for reading and please comment your thoughts!



7 thoughts on “Why I’ve decided not to join the military

    • Sorry, I clicked “Post Comment” before I had even written it! Anyway, I wanted to say great post! I’m glad you boldly stood up for what is right. I agree that women should not serve in the military but I am thankful for the ones that do. Do you remember what the bill was about women being required to sign-up for the draft? It’s okay if you don’t. I’m interested in politics so I was curious!! 🙂

      By the way, Adelina Grace is my pen name. I’m going by my real name now (also Hannah). 🙂 I also started an unofficial organization. Here’s the link if you want to check it out: http://sparksofthefire.wordpress.com/

      Again, GREAT post! I look forward to more. 😉

      • Thanks, Hannah! No, I’m sorry, I don’t remember the bill. It wasn’t related to the subjects I was searching for, so I kind of breezed over it. That’s great that you’re interested in politics! I am as well. I actually just got back from a Christian government camp. You might have heard of it. generationjoshua.org

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