Freedom to Love?

I’m sure you all have heard that the Supreme Court has deemed the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional. I would have posted about this sooner, but I’m afraid I was too infuriated to say anything without being completely sarcastic and, well…not very kind in my words. So I have taken this time to chew on my words a bit.

What do you make of this picture? I’ve seen similar photos all over facebook since the Supreme Court’s ruling. This struck as particularly odd, since as far as I am concerned, no law can ever limit the freedom to love.  In addition, the ruling doesn’t really make a difference in the freedom for marriage between any gender. The states still have to legalize that. Even without the ruling, plenty of people have at least acted “free to love” whomever they like. I guess what I’m saying is I don’t understand the whole uproar of support against DOMA.

Plus, when the Constitution was written, marriage between one woman and one man was tradition. It was expected, and there was no ifs, ands, or buts about it. If the Founding Fathers had seen the movement towards marriage for all, I’m am sure they would have put something in the Constitution about that. Even though they didn’t, there is nothing in the Constitution that makes the defense of traditional marriage unconstitutional!

In logical debates, a negative team or debater will often question if the affirmative’s plan goes against tradition. If it does, the judges are less likely to vote for that plan. Normally, no one wants to go against tradition. Most people hate change. Why the sudden change in the definition of marriage?

In addition, in the midst of all this “freedom to love” nonsense, people are continuing to turn up their noses at Christians and often be right out rude to them, because they are Christians. So…gays are now free to love because the Supreme Court says so, but Christians are looked down upon because they want to be free to openly love their Creator?

So, those have been my thoughts on the matter.




2 thoughts on “Freedom to Love?

  1. Great job Hannah! Keep speaking out against such absurdity. I am praying people will realize what true love is and realize that gay marriage does not work. Thanks for your boldness.

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