Modesty from a non-Religious Point of View

Before reading this, please understand that I won’t be able to fully represent a non-religious point of view. The fact is, I am religious. I am a Christian and hope to live like I am. The reason I am writing this is not to say that modesty is not a command straight out of the Bible (because it is) but I would like to point out that there are many reasons to dress modestly, even outside of the Bible.

First of all, modesty is classy.

Modesty adds so much class to a woman’s style! I, for one, do not understand why anyone would want to walk around looking like trash. Fashion is such a beautiful art form, when used correctly. It can allow a person to express themselves, look more classy and professional than maybe they really are, and just look so put together. It can, at the same time, allow a person to look carefree and natural. It’s amazing what fashion can do for a person’s class.

Second, modesty allows for originality.

Even if dressing half-naked wasn’t wrong, it’s still the norm. The majority of people around us dress half naked. Well, in almost everything else, I strive to be different, original and all my own. Why, in fashion, would I decide to suddenly follow the crowd?

Third, modesty makes a statement.

Modesty makes all kinds of statements:

  • I care about how I look
  • I have class
  • I dress for what feels comfortable to me, what feels like my style.
  • I dress to have fun, and not to show off.
Above all, modesty has more options!

Contrary to popular belief, modesty gives you more opportunities to be creative with fashion. After all, if you have more material to use, the more things you can do with it! But with a pair of booty shorts and bikini top…not much creativity sprouts from that picture.

Again, please understand that these are reasons to dress modestly OUTSIDE of the command Scripture gives us. Always remember that the Bible DOES command modesty, and that is why we should dress modestly. Like most commands in the Bible, there are benefits to doing what God says!

Have a wonderful week and God bless,







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6 thoughts on “Modesty from a non-Religious Point of View

  1. Just found your blog through WordPress reader- great post! I absolutely agree that aside from the fact that the bible instructs modesty, it IS so much classier-looking.

    I also think its about self-respect- if you bare it all, it gives the impression that you don’t assign much value or worth to yourself.

    I touched on modesty a bit in my latest post too, if you wanted to have a look.

    Looking forward to reading what else is on your blog 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by! I totally agree. I feel bad for celebrities who dress half naked…they must have no self respect and no confidence if they “have” to dress like that.

    • Thanks for stopping by! You are so right. If I can’t respect myself through dressing appropriately, there should be no reason that anyone else would respect me.

  2. It always makes me happy when I find other girls who are trying to be modest in a culture that doesn’t give us too much to work with. And I agree, being modest is so much more creative, plus it gives people a chance to get to know you as a person with a soul not just a body. Thanks for posting this! 🙂

    • I agree, Kami! I love finding other like-minded girls. I know it…it doesn’t even make sense to walk around without much clothes on and call yourself “fashionable”. It’s laughable! Your welcome 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! It makes my day to know other people are reading what I have to say!

      • You’re welcome as well! 🙂 I know how you feel, I have a blog myself and it always makes me happy when people drop by and leave comments! Keep up the great work you’re doing, I really like your blog.

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