The roller coaster plan

I’ve never really been afraid of roller coasters. I’ve always loved them. Sure, I was a little nervous when I went on my first “upside-down” coaster, but I jumped right back on (uncovering my eyes the second time through). Last year, I met my match. For the first time, I was truly afraid of this roller coaster. Which metal monster created the demise of my confidence? The Griffon at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg. A floor-less dive coaster that had the largest dive I’d ever been on: 90 feet nearly straight down and right under a bridge. Not to mention the nerve-racking moment that this monster holds you on the edge of the dive for what seems like eternity. The adrenaline flooded my body as I stepped onto the loading platform. Even my best friend (also a coaster-rider) decided to skip this one out. What had I gotten myself into?

English: griffon; tallest dive coaster

I feel much the same way when I sign up to arrange an event, or lead a group. What have I gotten myself into? This response is not the correct one, though. Through doubting what I am doing, I lose trust in God. God has a plan, and it’s going to turn out just fine. What I should really be saying is What does God have in store for me in this situation? 

One area I’ve especially struggled with this is my babysitting “business”. I honestly don’t care for babysitting that much. I love the kids, I really do, and I would never let anything happen to them, but I just…don’t like my life getting eaten up by other people’s kids. After our most recent move, I tried to hang up the babysitter hat…but I had no choice but to jump back in. I needed money. I took a couple jobs, and I realized that maybe God does have something in store for me-I know He does-but sometimes I choose to ignore that fact because the situation at hand doesn’t look pleasant and focus on that impression, regardless of what God’s plan for me is.

God has something for me that I need to learn from little kids-I’m not sure what-but I keep finding myself in situations that require a kind, humble, teaching spirit for the younger kids around me. Whatever God’s plan for me is, it must be pretty important! And I can’t wait for the adrenaline rush I’ll get from the big “dive” on God’s roller coaster plan for me.

What is God trying to tell you in a situation that is unusual, scary, or uncomfortable?