Where is my identity?

love ballet. I really do. I may not be that good, but I love it and I work really hard at it.

I adore music. Almost any kind of music, I enjoy listening to. (I sound a bit like Yoda right there…and that actually leads me to my next point):

Movies I like. From the soundtrack to the stunts to the acting to the costuming the special effects to the lighting…I love watching and learning about movies.

Now, there is nothing wrong with having hobbies and passions. In fact, I think God gives us these loves according to how He has called us to serve Him. I know I can-and I hope I do- glorify God in every hobby…but hobbies can also go the other way too.

If my identity was in ballet…I would never be fulfilled. No one can ever be a perfect ballerina, and so no matter how hard I try, I will fail. How depressing is that?

If my identity was in music…I would become distracted and probably idolize musicians and artists for their musical ability instead of respect them for their God-given gifts.

If my identity was in movies…well…I would probably idolize the actors etc but moreover…how boring is that? Getting so lost in the fantasies of movies that my identity is no longer in reality?

Even if my identity was in myself, I would fail, because I cannot ever measure up to how I think I should be, and who I want to be.

No. My identity is in Christ. I am saved by the Redeemer of the world and daughter to the King of Kings. I can have hope and joy, no matter what my circumstance, hobbies or level of “good” in my areas of interest. No matter what, Jesus’ blood covers me. That’s an identity I’m not ashamed of.



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