My definition of tolerance

Tolerance is not acceptance.

Tolerance is not agreement.

Tolerance is agreeing to disagree.

Tolerance is peaceful living, even though you don’t agree with everyone.

Tolerance is not believing that someone is right, but that they have the right to have their own opinions.

I think it’s kind of interesting that so many people today have zero tolerance for bullying etc but they are totally tolerant in abortion and homosexual issues. More than a little hypocritical? I think yes. 

4 thoughts on “My definition of tolerance

  1. This world is going down the politically correct “Oh, I am sooo offended by you!” path because of tolerance. I, personally, do not like that word at all. I prefer the word “love” or the phrase “unconditional love”. People don’t need to be tolerated; they need to be loved. God doesn’t “tolerate” us. He loves us.

    So yea, that’s all 😛

    • Agreed. That is so true. At the same time, God calls us to not tolerate sin among believers. If we see another Christian in sin, then we need to confront them, because we love them. So…I think sometimes love leads to an intolerance of certain things, but I also think it could lead to a tolerance of other people. Like, I still love people who do not believe in my God, but I will not allow them to be in my inner circle of friends. I think there’s a certain level of tolerance in that love for other people.

      • 1 Corinthians 13 so wonderfully describes how to treat others.

        Tolerance is an improper definition that is politically correct.

        Love is not what we think it is.

        Love is doing hard things with the best in mind for others.

        I also do not personally like the word tolerance because after researching it I saw a lot of problems with it.

        I prefer to use the word “love” as well, as long as it is defined properly.

        I’m praying this nation will see the truth in relationship with others. ~Adelina

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